Demolished old deck and built new deck at my home

"I talked with a few contractors before deciding on this company.  Their price was competitive with the others but I felt they were the most capable of doing a great job.   This project turned out to be more challenging than anyone had expected.  The support structure for the old decks turned out to be rotten so the scope of the project doubled and a whole new support structure had to be designed and built. The contractor tackled that and went right on working.  Contractor ran into unexpected conditions, like solid rock not far under the surface.  Each time, they brought in the people and equipment needed to handle the issues.  The contractor's workers were all very polite and careful working in a confined area.  I was particularly happy with the contractor's ability and willingness to add special features that I wanted as the project went along.  There are a lot of contractor's out there who can build you a deck, but this one goes the extra step of designing it to be especially attractive and then makes sure everything is completed perfectly."

- Paula Loviner

Demo and complete kitchen redesign, built walk in pantry and laundry room and replaced flooring with all new hardwood floors throughout condo, drywall repair and paint throughout condo

"Craig and his team were punctual.  They paid attention to detail and my requests.  They went above and beyond by helping to move furniture and Craig even shopped around and found the perfect bar stools for my new kitchen!"

"The workers were great.  They worked consistently, start to finish.  They were punctual and cleaned up well."

- Gerald Miller

Artistic Construction remodeledan investment property

"The project entailed complete kitchen remodel, add a 2nd half bath off of the laundry room, and enclose the laundry room. paint the entire interior. Artistic Construction always had a solution for unforeseen issues that came up during the remodeling process. .1) when removing the existing flooring in the kitchen they found the under structure to be rotted. They re-built the under structure and laid the new tile floor. The 2nd issue was the plumbing. As they attempted to plumb the new appliances, we found that the old galvanized water pipes were nearly blocked due to corrosion. Artistic Construction replaced the entire plumbing system using PEX plumbing, and completed the project on time and within budget! The before and after was night and day!"

- Edward Smalling

Replaced flooring in kitchen, dining area, laundry room and main walkway in home.

"Craig took the time to shop with me to pick out just the right tile for my new floor.  His workers started on date and time promised. They made sure to cover all my furniture and were meticulous about cleaning up as there was lots of dust. Craig fully guaranteed the work and actually did have to come out to re-grout some spots, but was professional when I made this request. He said they would fix it and would continue to do whatever it took to get it right. They responded quickly and did all repairs."

- Deborah Walbecq

Replaced old wooden deck

"Responded promptly for estimate and configuration of replacement of our 25 year old cedar deck.  Arrived promptly and I do mean promptly at 7am, removed old deck and informed as to the old footings being rotted out and needed replacement.  And then went about rebuilding with the deck TREX material and rails.  Installed the same TREX in a new back door porch where there was just a cement step before.  Made recommendations as to the configuration on both projects.  Completed timely."

- Linda Lessard

Artistic Construction remodeled my kitchen and bathroom.

"I chose Artistic Construction because they have done quality work for me before on my other rental properties. This project was remodeling the kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom layout was completely changed for better function. The bathroom door was moved to the other side to create the desired layout. They restructured the floor, installed and new vanity, toilet, new tub, and new tub surround. The kitchen needed even more work. 2 walls were removed to open the kitchen into the living room. A granite counter was designed to allow for 4 bar stools. New flooring, new cabinets, granite counters, and a glass backsplash. They are on time, show up every day, and don't stop Until they are done. Wonderful job!."

- Nancy Clemens

Re-built our old wood deck

"Artistic Construction and Design did an excellent job on building our new home deck. Craig was a pleasure to work with, the workmen did quality work, and the quality of their craft is evident by the final outcome of the deck. Hunter did a fantastic job on the stone wall that sets off the beauty of the deck. I will definitely use them in the future for other home projects. Many outdoor parties will be held for years to come on our awesome deck that was built by this company."

- Bob Christian

Multi-level composite deck construction

"I was looking for a builder to RETRO-FIT my existing Upper deck (18'x20' and 13'x14') and build me a NEW Lower deck (15'x'10' and 12'x7') with the modern composite decking material (specifically, Trex Transcend technology)

After calling/soliciting to 12 local builders about my deck project (only 2 of which gave me a half-hearty response), I went to Johns Lumber (15 Mile & Gratiot) and asked them for short-list of builders they could refer me to… and they said, all you need is 1 number (Craig Rossi @ Artistic Construction) and they were right.

I called Craig and 2 days later he was on-site reviewing my design. He gave me a price (for labor only) on all 4 decks which connect into 1 large wrap-around deck. Initially, I thought his price was a lot higher than I wanted to pay. However in listening to Craig describe the intricate details of how he was going to go about my deck (down to the very specific/minute details needed for composite construction) I could tell that he knew EXACTLY what he has doing. With that said, I "opened" an account at Johns Lumber and gave Craig access to order all of the material as he needed (ie. 1st release/treated lumber, 2nd release/deck boards, 3rd release/railing system, etc). My job consisted of a 2-man crew who showed up every day for 18-days straight (arriving at 7AM and leaving at 3PM). As the job progressed, I began to fully appreciate Craig's price once I saw all of the intricate details that made my deck look very rich (ie. double picture frame border, built in benches, seamless transitions between fascia boards, etc). Also, all throughout my project, Craig was very prompt in replying to any question/comment I had (which was very important especially as the project took-off).

In conclusion, I would HIGHLY recommend Craig and his company for any deck project. However, where I think he really excels are those projects with high difficulty and demands of rich definition (ie. multi-level decks, composite decks w/multiple colors, accent lighting, etc.)"

- Jae Schalk