Craig Rossi

Craig Stevens Rossi was born into an Italian heritage of Artisans with most of the family being tied to the construction industry. Growing up with a hammer in hand, he was required to work for all of the things that he wanted in life, teaching him that only through hard work and perseverance do good things come. During high school, he decided to study architecture and construction and in college traveled extensively in Europe studying design and construction techniques in various North American and European countries.

Craig worked his way through college, doing remodeling services in the family construction company. In 1990, he was granted a Bachelor's degree in architecture from the University of Detroit. He designs architecture with a Central European flair and strict attention to construction detail. Craig started Artistic Construction and Design with the full intent of marrying innovative architectural design to old world construction techniques. He wanted to design and to build beautiful houses with exciting interior spaces. Craig does all the design for the company and will play a vital part in realizing your dreams for your project. Both of the company's slogans "Old World Construction with New World Design" and "We Turn Every Project Into a Piece of Art", is evident in everything that Artistic Design and Construction does.

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